Creating and Monetizing Your Digital Story #BeYourself


Personal Branding: Creating & Monetizing Your Digital First Impression!


Being yourself sounds so easy, but it really isn't at all. Especially for those of us with creative brains. Thank you for the encouragement and validation. Me sharing my story has led to me discovering what I really want to do with my business!! I can't wait to start the course over because there's so much awesome content that I will probably learn new stuff the second time around! Can't wait for your book!
Andrea Runnels CEO
I lost a couple of years trying to imitate successfull marketers ..some lessons were learned - however I found myself coming back and enjoying the initial business I had started many years ago ..because it reflected who I am - Brian touches aspects of marketing and authenticity like no one else -
Vero Laos Entrepreneur, World Traveler
As always, Brian AKA iSocialFanz has done it again! Awesome quality content, well produced and in an easy to digest manner. Real actionable advice and insights that will help any business owner or entrepreneur with their move towards curating, creating, amplifying and growing as themselves online! #BeYourself 🎥 PURE GOLD! 🔑
Tristan Griffiths CHIEF INSPIRATION OFFICER at @ItsNomad9

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Only way to guarantee you're unique is to Be Yourself

In November of 2013 I invested in telling my story and growing my personal brand.  I had less than 3k total followers on social media and in 2017 I now have over 300k in my digital community!

I created this course for the 2013 version of myself.

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Overview & Welcome


  • Who is Brian? What's his background? Where did iSocialFanz come from?
  • iSocialFanz Lesson: Always Be Open To Learning
  • ​9 Principles Established Upon Completion of This Course!



  • Preview Storytelling Module
  • Worksheet: Story discovery and research
  • Value of Storytelling
  • What the Hell Is My Story?
  • I Know My Story Now What?
  • Listening in Digital Storytelling
  • ​Here Are 9 Ways to Share Your Story on Social Media
  • Recap: Storytelling
  • Congratulations

Digital Footprint


  • Preview: Digital Footprint
  • Worksheet: Mapping Digital Assets
  • Taking a Look at Your Digital Footprint
  • The Role of the Big 4 Social Media Networks in Your Digital Footprint
  • Quiz: Digital Footprint
  • Tools to Audit and Monitor Your Digital Footprint
  • Recap: Digital Footprint

Defining Success for YOU!


  • Preview: Defining Success with Goals, Strategy and Some Planning?
  • How Do You Adapt Success for Each Social Network?
  • If I Work for a Brand Do I Define Success for Each or Together as One?
  • What Role Does Consistency Play?
  • How to Build Something and Successfully Get People to Find It? Avoid Silo'd Digital Success Events
  • Importance of Diversifying
  • Screenshot Awesomeness
  • Recap: What Does Success Look Like?
  • Fanz: Be Your Own Biggest Cheerleader!

Art of Being You


  • Preview: Why Is Being Yourself So Hard?
  • What Is Personal Branding?
  • Trust: How Does One Gain It Online?
  • What Is the Difference Between Oversharing and Transparency?
  • If I'm Being Myself How Do I Find People Like Me?
  • How Do I Force Change Around Me?
  • Own Your FOMO
  • WORKSHEET: 10 Steps to #BeYourself
  • Recap: Be Yourself & KISS Are Hard
  • FANZ: No one brand, event, company or project is worth jeopardizing your trust and authenticity with your community

Finding The Content In YOU


  • Preview: Content Why It's Important
  • How to FAIL Your Way into Content, My Content Journey!
  • What Type of Content Should I Create First?
  • When Does It Make Sense to Create a Website?
  • Create vs Curate
  • Mobile Power for Content Sharing & Curation (Buffer, Twitter, Flipboard)
  • Self Create vs Document
  • How Much Is Too Much Content?
  • Recap: Great Content is King!
  • Fanz: Start, Just Start, Press the Damn Button, Hit Publish Just START!
  • Tools for Productive Content Consumption
  • Twitter Tools, Tips and Tricks

Community: Show You Care Before They Know They Want You to Care


  • Preview: #ShowUcare
  • How Do I Strategically Use My Content?
  • If Success for Me Is Getting on a Brand's Radar How Do I Make That Happen?
  • When to Be Discovered vs When to Make the Ask
  • How Much Is Too Much to Share?
  • Recap: #ShowUcare

Collaboration and Monetization


  • Preview: Collaborate and make money
  • How To Grow Digital Following Thru Collaboration
  • How Do I Get Value from Doing Things for Free or Exposure?
  • I'm Working with a Brand Now What?
  • How Do I Avoid Being A "One-Night Stand" Influencer?
  • Recap: Change, Collaboration and Community
  • Fanz: Long Term ROI with Short Term Business Value
  • Collaboration: It's powerful beyond what you realize!

Bonus: BeYourself - Employee Advocacy

  • Secret To Discovering Yourself Keynote


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About Your Instructor

Brian Fanzo

Brian Fanzo

Founder iSocialFanz, Podcast Host, Millennial Keynote Speaker & Change Evangelist
Brian Fanzo @iSocialFanz Klout Score 80

Brian Fanzo talks fast and tweets faster. A proud, pager-wearing millennial, he is a keynote speaker and founder/CEO of iSocialFanz LLC, a social strategy consulting agency. 

Brian also co-hosts SMACtalk Podcast & new FOMOfanz Podcast.

In 2016, Brian keynoted in 11 countries at more than 50 events highlighting his passion for change, collaboration, and community – dubbed the 3 C’s which are the elements and foundation of his first book A Millennial Mindset due out in 2018

Brian’s background has also allowed him to leverage brands that he’s worked with in the past and those that have hired him as an influencer to speak at their events including CES, SXSW, IBM, SAP, Dell, HP, Mobile World Congress, Business Rocks, Social Media Marketing World, MarkeTech, Periscope Summit and many others. 

"Social Media will never replace a handshake, but if you do it right and invest the time, it will provide you new handshakes and turn many handshakes into hugs and selfies!" - Brian Fanzo @iSocialFanz

Want to learn more about Brian watch this video here:

#BeYourself Course Takeaways

Personal Brand Strategy

Toolset Guide

Personalized Content Plan

Believer in the value of Authenticity Online

View of What Success Looks Like For You

Path to Monetizing Your Story

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$199.00 Regular Price Buy $199.00
3 x $75.00 3 Monthly Payments Buy Now

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