Course curriculum

  • 01
    Overview & Welcome
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    • Who is Brian? What's his background? Where did iSocialFanz come from?
    • iSocialFanz Lesson: Always Be Open To Learning
    • ​9 Principles Established Upon Completion of This Course!
  • 02
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    • Preview Storytelling Module
    • Worksheet: Story discovery and research
    • Value of Storytelling
    • What the Hell Is My Story?
    • I Know My Story Now What?
    • Listening in Digital Storytelling
    • ​Here Are 9 Ways to Share Your Story on Social Media
    • Recap: Storytelling
    • Congratulations
  • 03
    Digital Footprint
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    • Preview: Digital Footprint
    • Worksheet: Mapping Digital Assets
    • Taking a Look at Your Digital Footprint
    • The Role of the Big 4 Social Media Networks in Your Digital Footprint
    • Quiz: Digital Footprint
    • Tools to Audit and Monitor Your Digital Footprint
    • Recap: Digital Footprint
  • 04
    Defining Success for YOU!
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    • Preview: Defining Success with Goals, Strategy and Some Planning?
    • How Do You Adapt Success for Each Social Network?
    • If I Work for a Brand Do I Define Success for Each or Together as One?
    • What Role Does Consistency Play?
    • How to Build Something and Successfully Get People to Find It? Avoid Silo'd Digital Success Events
    • Importance of Diversifying
    • Screenshot Awesomeness
    • Recap: What Does Success Look Like?
    • Fanz: Be Your Own Biggest Cheerleader!
  • 05
    Art of Being You
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    • Preview: Why Is Being Yourself So Hard?
    • What Is Personal Branding?
    • Trust: How Does One Gain It Online?
    • What Is the Difference Between Oversharing and Transparency?
    • If I'm Being Myself How Do I Find People Like Me?
    • How Do I Force Change Around Me?
    • Own Your FOMO
    • WORKSHEET: 10 Steps to #BeYourself
    • Recap: Be Yourself & KISS Are Hard
    • FANZ: No one brand, event, company or project is worth jeopardizing your trust and authenticity with your community
  • 06
    Finding The Content In YOU
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    • Preview: Content Why It's Important
    • How to FAIL Your Way into Content, My Content Journey!
    • What Type of Content Should I Create First?
    • When Does It Make Sense to Create a Website?
    • Create vs Curate
    • Mobile Power for Content Sharing & Curation (Buffer, Twitter, Flipboard)
    • Self Create vs Document
    • How Much Is Too Much Content?
    • Recap: Great Content is King!
    • Fanz: Start, Just Start, Press the Damn Button, Hit Publish Just START!
    • Twitter Tools, Tips and Tricks
    • Tools for Productive Content Consumption
  • 07
    Community: Show You Care Before They Know They Want You to Care
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    • Preview: #ShowUcare
    • How Do I Strategically Use My Content?
    • If Success for Me Is Getting on a Brand's Radar How Do I Make That Happen?
    • When to Be Discovered vs When to Make the Ask
    • How Much Is Too Much to Share?
    • Recap: #ShowUcare
  • 08
    Collaboration and Monetization
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    • Preview: Collaborate and make money
    • How To Grow Digital Following Thru Collaboration
    • How Do I Get Value from Doing Things for Free or Exposure?
    • I'm Working with a Brand Now What?
    • How Do I Avoid Being A "One-Night Stand" Influencer?
    • Recap: Change, Collaboration and Community
    • Fanz: Long Term ROI with Short Term Business Value
    • Collaboration: It's powerful beyond what you realize!
  • 09
    Bonus: BeYourself - Employee Advocacy
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    • Secret To Discovering Yourself Keynote

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